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Sluggy Kiosk

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They’re running a little tourist information kiosk for their town.



Sales Horrors

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The guys in sales are all descendants of the elder gods. (You can tell by the tentacle mouth.) But don’t worry, they don’t want your soul, they just want your business!



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Squids don’t do well deep in the forest. But that dosesn’t bother Squod!

I’m back!

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Ahh! All rested! Time to start painting. There will be one painting every week, and random posts throughout showing the process. Final posts will be on Sundays. What I have here are some pencil sketches for a painting I’m working on. I’m not sure yet which one I’ll do.

Or this one…

Or some super heroes?


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This is it! Keep visiting for the next incarnation of Doodlebird, in which I make a painting every week. Of course all of the original drawings will remain right where they are. Thanks to everyone for your support!

Orb Party

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Saturday Aquaman

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Saturday Aquaman the casual adventurer.