Hello! I’m Raphael Abrams, an artist and hacker living and working in Brooklyn, NY. I haven’t been drawing much lately, so I decided to give myself a little incentive to do so. Thus this blog. I’m taking it pretty seriously, and won’t be missing a single day. I hope you like it!

I’m also a founding member of NYCResistor. It’s a hacker space in Brooklyn and you can learn more about it here.

I grew up in Woodstock, NY and when I started this I was 33 years old.me!

Edit 2013: Wow! Now I’m doing it all over again. I’m 37, married and I have a little friend to help me out. She sleeps on my tummy while I do the sketches.


You can contact me here.


9 Responses to “About”

  1. Dirk Gillabel Says:

    Can’t wait to see the next doodle!

  2. WOW…Raphael, your doodles are really great! I especially love the funny ones!

    My favorite is: the monkey offering the banana… Love it!

    Raphael, I see your mother has birthed a very special person!
    Excellent work…and I hope you keep it up. What about a sindicated comic or other type column strip?

    Oh…here is an idea for you: (that should sell well)
    A special tarot deck for children?… I have heard so many AT forum members asking for a lead to a child’s tarot deck. (maybe with Vikings and all…lol) You definitely have a great imagination for it!

    Dog, cat, and mermaids tarot decks have been done…but not child Viking decks or child monkey decks, that I know of.

    You may be sick of hearing about tarot decks because of your mom’s talent, BUT…a tarot deck is a “gift” from an artist that keeps giving and lives on and on…is sold, shared, traded, and loved so much…over and over again…your work would live on and could also “change” lives. Something to think about…aye?

    If not a tarot deck…a children’s books perhaps?
    Here is a title: “Banana Lanna Goes to the Zoo” … Sure you would come up with better names! …it is all in the imagination…and you have a great one! Plus your work is very uplifting and not dark…a very good thing for children’s books.

    Enjoyed your doodles!

    tarotlyn (Lyn)… your mom’s customer (for Glittered Illuminated Tarot decks)

  3. …lol…spelling? I meant to say: “syndicated” not “sindicated”…lol


  4. Hey Raphael

    I just wanna stop by and say: ” Great works”!!
    keep it going! very lovely drawing.


  5. Miss Amanda Says:

    Let’s get married and not have kids I like you and your drawings because they remind me of me and that is rare lalala I sound like a freak I’m depressed help

  6. Miss Amanda Says:

    You are so funny.

  7. this is the kind of stuff I draw on cold meds. great!!

  8. I very much look forward to seeing how your ‘little friend’ e.g. your daughter, my niece, influence your drawings! 🙂 hugs xxx

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