My Little Friends

I have a small garden in my backyard. During the summer I will spend hours tending to it. It’s a lot of work! And when the time comes for all of my tomatoes and peas and strawberries and stuff to be ready, most of it will have already been eaten by little slimy slugs.

However, it doesn’t really bother me all that much. I can’t think of many creatures more harmless and gentle than slugs. And I can just go to the store to get my tomatoes. Hopefully my carefully tended fruits and vegetables are an improvement over their usual diet of dog poo and rotten leaves. And I wouldn’t want my friends to eat just poo and leaves!



2 Responses to “My Little Friends”

  1. Wow…you really think “outside the box”…the regular “human selfish box” that is!

    It is so refreshing to find someone that is so loving and kind to all things!

    Your message and your lovely drawing of your friend here is so simple and sweet.

  2. I think you might do well with planting some horseradish for your little friends. They love it more than anything (the leaves) and will not eat as much of the other things.

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